Reasons To Be Concerned About Your Teenager Viewing Online Pornography

Posted on: 25 July 2017

If you have a teenage boy, there is a chance that he will view online pornography at some point, either by seeking it out or by mistakenly coming across it on the web. You probably won't be too keen about discussing this awkward topic with him, but this isn't an issue that you should ignore. Even if you understand that "boys will be boys" and that teenagers are naturally curious about various elements of sexuality, you don't want your teen viewing this material to the point that doing so becomes a habit. If you're concerned that a habit may be forming, it's a good idea to have the teen see a counselor or other health professional who specializes in this topic. Here are some reasons to be concerned about your teen viewing online pornography.

It May Promote Unhealthy Sexual Behaviors

Many teenage boys who begin to view online pornography have yet to have sexual experiences of their own. This means that they can easily mistake what they see online as normal sexual behavior — and this isn't necessarily the case. If your teen becomes sexually active in the months or years that follow, he may follow the lead of what he's seen online, and this may lead to problems. Speaking to a pornography counselor will help your teen to understand that much of the online content he has seen likely does not show healthy sexual behavior.

It Could Expose Him To Predators

Viewing pornography online can include more than looking at pictures and watching videos. In some cases, this activity will lead to interacting with others. If your teen's online habits lead him to adult-oriented message boards, there's a chance that an online predator could target him. This predator could be male or female and may be masquerading as someone else. Online predators will often seek to meet up with teenagers in person, at which point your child could be victimized.

It Could Have Financial Consequences

Although the internet is rife with free adult content, your child may gravitate toward sites that offer paid subscriptions. If the teen is showing addictive behavior about pornography, he may begin to spend a significant amount of his money paying for this content. If he runs out of money, he may even try to use your credit cards to pay for these services. The result could be running up a significant amount of debt, which can be disruptive to your teen and you.

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