3 Signs You Might Need A Marriage Counselor

Posted on: 2 October 2017

If you're not as happy in your marriage as you used to be, you should consider marriage counseling. The longer you wait, the worse your problems become. It may not be possible to save your marriage once your relationship is so damaged that you or your spouse have emotionally moved on. These are a few of the signs it may be time to get counseling to save your marriage.

When You're Thinking Of Having An Affair

If you think back to the early days of your marriage, having an affair or seeking attention from others was probably the last thing on your mind. If you find yourself flirting more at work or with your friends, or if you're falling for someone and imagine having an affair, it is time to seek counseling before you act on your thoughts. You may also want to suggest counseling to your spouse if you suspect that he or she is having similar thoughts and seems to be flirting more than when you were first married. 

When You Constantly Fight About Money

Finances are a hot-button topic with many people, and it becomes even more contentious when there are deeper problems in the relationship. Fighting over money becomes a cover for fighting about other issues. The fact that you fight over the same thing all the time could also indicate you have communication issues because problems aren't being solved so they are constantly rehashed.

When You Stop Doing Things As A Couple

If you have more fun with your friends than you do with your spouse, that's a sign for concern. When you were dating and first married, you were probably inseparable, so if your relationship has changed to the point where you no longer do things together, that's could signal the need for counseling. A marriage counselor can help you figure out why you've drifted apart and even more, can help you decide if you can become close again and how to do it.

Relationships can't always be saved. However, when it comes to a marriage, it is often worth the effort to try. You loved each other once, and the passion may still be there buried under resentment and unhappiness. Learning how to communicate effectively may be all that's needed to put your relationship on the mend.

If your relationship is too far gone, marriage counseling can help you and your spouse gain clarity about your feelings and your desires for the future of your relationship. You both may find through counseling that you would be happier apart. Either way, marriage counseling can help you overcome the nagging unhappiness you feel from being in a marriage that isn't working. Hopefully, a counselor will give you the skills needed to bring you and your spouse closer together so your marriage becomes stronger than ever.


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