Managing Your Medications

Posted on: 15 March 2018

In your younger years, you might never have expected to take more than one medication every day. However, various health issues may necessitate that you have a daily regiment that includes vitamins and various medications. Medication management is vital so that the medications do what they're meant to do and protect your health along the way. Consider some of these medication management tips to ensure that you're using your prescriptions properly.

Understand Proper Protocol

Many medications require that you use them at certain times or take certain, specific actions before using them. A pill for your high blood pressure, for instance, may require that you use a small, portable cuff to measure your blood pressure to ensure it's within a healthy enough range for taking the pill. Your diabetes condition may mean you've got to do a "finger stick" to measure blood sugar before giving yourself the right amounts of insulin. Some medications simply require that you take them when eating some food.

Knowing the right way to take and use your prescriptions protects you and ensures higher levels of effectiveness. If you're not yet show what protocols apply, check with medical professionals.

Avoid Multiple Pharmacies

Many people use numerous pharmacies in their areas because of convenience or price. However, if you're someone who will be using a variety of medications, you need all the help you can get to keep track and protect your health. When you use a ton of different places to fill different prescriptions, the pharmacists there may not catch drug interactions which could be risky. They may not answer questions adequately because they have no information that you're using medicines you never mentioned to them. To ensure that pharmacists have a full picture of your health, try to use one or very few pharmacies.

Know Side Effects

Sometimes, taking a single medication will have side effects that you notice and dislike. For example, some can make you feel woozy or dizzy. Others can lead to a feeling that your mouth is too dry. It's vital you know related effects fo your medications so you don't become afraid you're developing other health problems. Your physician may be able to adjust dosage or change the prescription completely if you're uncomfortable. If you should ever feel ill because of a medicine, don't just stop unless you have contacted the doctor.

Use Pill Organizers

It's not uncommon to forget when you're supposed to take one of the pills you take. Pill organizers make this entire task simpler so you can visually see right away if you've skipped anything.

Use Compounding Pharmacies for Crushed Prescriptions

Even if you're trying to minimize pharmacies you use, a compounding pharmacy might be worth visiting. Compounding pharmacies enable personnel to create custom medications for easier use. For instance, if your pills are large and shouldn't be crushed, a compounding pharmacist can concoct a smooth liquid version instead so you can consume the medicine.

If you'd like more help with medications, consult medication management services companies, like Front Street Clinic, or ask your personal primary doctor whether they work with such companies to better inform their patients. Managing your medication well enables you to feel and live better.


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