Cognitive Behavioral Therapy As An Intervention For Children Diagnosed With ADHD

Posted on: 25 November 2019

If your child is diagnosed with ADHD, it's time to consider your treatment options. While your child's doctor may suggest medication, this doesn't have to be your only choice. Medication can work, and it is a valuable way to manage the symptoms associated with ADHD. Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, can give your child the skills they need to deal with negative self talk and impulsive behavior, and improve their ability to cope in stressful situations. Medication can be used in combination with CBT to support your child and allow them to develop the skills they will need to succeed. When your child starts therapy when they are young, they are going to have an easier time overall.

Compliance with Medication Over Time

CBT is beneficial for your child at a young age because eventually your teenager may decide that they no longer want to take medication. When your child has spent time working with a therapist to build their coping skills, they may have a much easier time managing their symptoms of ADHD without the use of medication. While medication is helpful, used alone it is not teaching your child how to manage their own behaviors. 

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a methodical approach to behavior modification. When children exhibit unwanted behaviors, a child therapist, like those at Pope Behavioral Health and Wellness, will work with your child in an effort to change these behaviors. This is done by identifying the unwanted behaviors and outlining the behavior expected. The therapist will create a treatment plan that looks at your child's strengths, what they need to work on, and identifies treatment goals. It can be a slow process, but over time your child learns better ways to manage their own behavior.

Improving Negative Thought Patterns

Many children with ADHD have had plenty of negative interactions with others, as their behavior can make interactions challenging. Your child's therapist will talk to your child about negative thoughts, and teach your child how to replace negative thoughts with more positive ones. For example, your child might say that an activity is impossible. The therapist will address this specific thought, and ask your child to rephrase it. When an activity goes from impossible, to "hard, but I can try it", thoughts begin to change for the better.

Your child can benefit from therapy early on when they are diagnosed with ADHD. Medication can be helpful, and both can be used to give your child the support they need to deal with ADHD and the symptoms it produces.


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