4 Ways A Child Psychologist Can Help During The Pandemic

Posted on: 23 October 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way people live, work, and study. The impacts of the current pandemic have also had an effect on people's mental health. As a parent, you're likely feeling the strain of providing for your family while looking after your children. Unfortunately, your children are likely impacted as well. If your child has been struggling with the changes brought on by the pandemic, a child therapist can help. Here are four things a child psychologist can do for your family.

1. Explain the pandemic to young children

If your kids are middle school-aged or older, they likely understand the changes happening in the world. However, young children may not grasp the changes they witness. Talking to your child about a pandemic can be a daunting task. A child therapist can help you navigate these issues if you're feeling uncertain. A child psychologist can help you explain the current public health situation to your child using age-appropriate language and concepts.

2. Allow your child to express their feelings

Kids may be dealing with many complicated emotions during this time. Your child might be frustrated that they can't see their friends at school. They may be worried because of things they hear on the news or read online. Some kids struggle with expressing their emotions to their parents. They may worry about upsetting their parents. Teenagers go through a period of differentiation where they may not want to confide in their guardians. A child psychologist can offer children of all ages a safe place to vent their pandemic-related feelings.

3. Help your child find ways to socialize

Kids are very social. They need to be allowed to spend time with their peers. However, social distancing restrictions can make socialization difficult. A child therapist can help your child figure out ways to stay in touch with friends. Phone calls, text messages, and video chatting can allow your child to stay involved in friends' lives.

4. Teach your child calming exercises

Your child may find that their anxiety about the pandemic ebbs and flows. A child therapist can teach them techniques that can be used to manage their anxiety when it peaks. Slow, mindful breathing can calm a racing heart and help your child find peace. A therapist will show your child how to utilize deep breathing exercises. Deep, slow breathing is especially helpful for children who get anxious when they need to wear cloth face masks.

For more information, contact a local child psychologist.


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