FAQs About Treating Anxiety With Hypnosis

Posted on: 6 October 2022

Suffering from anxiety can be exhausting. You just want to live a normal, healthy life, but your anxiety keeps making you feel on edge so you can't enjoy the things you love deep down. There are many treatments for anxiety, including medication and nutritional therapy. One more unique option to consider is hypnosis. Therapeutic hypnotists often work with anxiety patients, and many patients are very pleased with the quick results of this care. Here are some questions you may have if you're considering hypnosis for your anxiety.

What is hypnosis, exactly?

Hypnosis is a state in which your mind is relaxed and more susceptible to suggestions. Some practitioners describe it as being a stage somewhere between wakefulness and sleep. When performed in a therapeutic setting, hypnosis is often known as hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapist will walk you through a series of exercises to bring your mind into this hypnotic, suggestible state. Then, they will walk you through various exercises to treat and reduce your anxiety.

What happens when you're hypnotized?

While you're in the hypnotic state, your therapist will make suggestions that your body and mind will take in and explore. If you feel anxious about public speaking, for example, the therapist may say something like "you're standing in front of a crowd, getting ready to speak, and you feel relaxed and confident." You'll be visualizing yourself in the situations described, and if you're properly hypnotized, you should feel the way the therapist says to feel about it.

How does hypnosis translate to real life?

After a hypnotherapy session, you should find that many of the suggestions made to you carry through to your normal life. For instance, the next time you stand in front of a crowd to speak, you should find that you do feel relaxed and confident, just as the therapist suggests. It can take a few sessions for the suggestions to fully transfer and for all of the triggers for your anxiety to be addressed, so be patient.

Are there any risks associated with hypnosis?

No, this is a very safe treatment, which is one reason it's such a popular choice for anxiety. The worst thing that can happen is for you to fall asleep during your session. If this happens, your therapist will wake you up and continue. 

If you struggle with anxiety, make sure you are actively pursuing treatments to make it better. Hypnotherapy can be one of these treatments. Contact a therapy center like Drucker Hypnosis Center to learn more. 


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