• 3 Things To Know About Virtual Reiki Energy Healing Treatments

    If you enjoy Reiki treatment but can't attend in-person sessions, virtual treatment may work for you. Virtual Reiki energy healing treatments are a way of receiving Reiki therapy remotely, using technology to bridge the gap between the practitioner and the recipient. Reiki is a form of alternative healing that focuses on channeling universal life force energy to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Here are a few things you should know about virtual Reiki energy healing treatments.
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  • What Can Care Teams Do As Part Of Trauma Treatment For Kids?

    Children who have been through difficult situations may be left with the aftereffects of trauma. PTSD can cause nightmares, separation anxiety, depression, and fear in children of all ages. Fortunately, mental health specialists can help kids recover. These are some things that your child's care team can do as part of their trauma treatment: 1. Identify and treat triggers. It's common for people with PTSD to present with triggers. Triggers are situations, images, or sounds that remind your child of their trauma in some way.
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  • What To Expect From Marriage Therapy

    Marriage therapy is an essential part of any relationship. It can help couples work through conflicts and disagreements, strengthen their bond, and build a healthier, more fulfilling marriage. But what should you expect when you go in for your marriage counseling sessions? Here are the most important aspects of marriage therapy.  Establishing Rapport The first step in any marriage counseling session is establishing rapport between the therapist and the couple. This helps create a safe, non-judgmental space for the couple to express themselves and start working on their issues.
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